About CFP

Helping Arizona Businesses comply with all codes, standards, and requirements since 1989

There are a variety of elements in the Valley that can become problematic for fire protection equipment, like fire sprinklers and backflow preventers, such as hard water and extreme weather. Contractor Fire Protection has been testing many types of fire safety systems in a multitude of buildings for over 30 years and we know what to look for to ensure your systems are running correctly.

The founders of Contractor Fire Protection have been keeping Phoenix safe since 1989. It has been a great honor of ours at CFP to raise our families in these communities, becoming involved in our the lives of our clients, and starting our careers in fire safety here in the Valley.

Contractor Fire Protection recognizes the importance of quality fire safety inspection services, and maintaining exceptional service has become the cornerstone of our company. When our clients have moved, CFP has moved with them. Our tenant improvement and new construction departments possess intricate knowledge of our clients and their buildings, and our clients can depend on us knowing that our trained technicians will be performing their improvements.

CFP is distinguished by a can-do attitude and a willingness to accept individual responsibility. Our clients, some of who have been loyal to us for decades, are made up of suppliers, fire, city, and water officials, and more. We do our best to reward that loyalty by providing all our clients with the best of our abilities, ideas and execution of work.

Today, our clients have very specific needs due to the ever-changing technical market in Fire Protection and Life Safety. CFP recognizes the need to work with other specialized businesses in the industry and have spent years vetting our Partners in our Partner Program.

This program has had outstanding results providing the client the highest standard of knowledge in the industry for all their Fire Protection and Life Safety needs. 

Let Contractor Fire Protection and Backflow Testing Services add your business to our growing list of long-term satisfied customers.

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