Backflow Testing

If you’ve received a letter telling you to have a licensed backflow tester test your backflow, don’t fret. For many years, Contractor Fire Protection has been providing Phoenix with quality commercial backflow prevention testing. Backflow prevention testing reduces your company’s risk of contaminating our city’s water supply. Contractor Fire Protection’s backflow testers have both a plumbing license and a backflow license, which means you get the correct backflow prevention testing your city requires. From Phoenix to Tempe, and every city in between, Contractor Fire Protection is ready and waiting to handle your backflow preventer testing and cross connection control services with ease.

Did you know that your backflow system must be certified and tested every year? Backflow testing is essential to maintaining a clean water supply in Phoenix and a legal requirement. If your backflow system isn’t tested, there is potential for cross connection contamination and pollution of our Valley water supply due to the water reversing directions and flowing backward.

Our backflow testers have been licensed since Arizona began requiring your backflow to be tested in the early 1990s. We assist our clients in doing their part to keep the city water system clean by ensuring their units are in top working order.  We Inspect and report in a timely fashion as required by water suppliers, repair as necessary, and assist in remodel and new installation testing for contractors to obtain the building certificate for occupancy.

In the city of Mesa, we’re licensed to test the backflow on your fire sprinkler system and all other fire protection systems. In the city of Scottsdale, we’re licensed plumbers and can test all your backflow needs as required, whether they are on a domestic, irrigation or fire line. To ensure you stay up-to-code with your city’s backflow laws and regulations, talk to Contractor Fire Protection today about our licensed backflow testing and cross connection control services.

Some of the backflow services we offer for Phoenix and the surrounding areas include:
Backflow Preventer Installation
Backflow Prevention Testing
Backflow Preventer Device Repairs
Backflow Prevention System Surveys
Backflow Certification Training
Emergency Backflow Preventer Services Available

Some of the benefits of choosing Contractor Fire Protection for your backflow preventer testing include:

Professional backflow testers. At Contractor Fire Protection, the backflow testers we send to your business will be clean-cut, experienced, and highly professional.

Competitive pricing. When you choose Contractor Fire Protection for your commercial backflow prevention testing, repair or installation needs, we’ll give you a quote for our services upfront. You don’t have to worry about hidden fees for backflow services with us.

Timely backflow testing response. Every backflow tester we employ will respond promptly to any backflow service requests, including testing, installation, and repairs. If you’ve received a backflow testing letter, we know you have 30 days to get it done. You can count on Contractor Fire Protection to provide you with rapid, licensed backflow testing every year.

Convenient backflow testing services. At Contractor Fire Protection, we know that the last thing you want to do is worry about having your backflow tested. All you need to do is fax us your letter and we’ll get your backflow preventer testing done within a week. It’s that easy!

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