Frequently Asked Questions

We are licensed throughout the Valley of the Sun, however, the City of Mesa Fire Department does require an L-16 Contractor’s License to test the backflow unit on your fire sprinkler and the City of Scottsdale requires an L-67 Plumbing license. NOT all contractors have these licenses, forcing their customers to call a second company to fulfill Mesa and Scottsdale’s requirements. Call us first we can handle it all.

Our technicians can give you a copy of your report onsite or the report is usually available online within 24 hours. You can share this with fire and insurance officials also.

Yes we can, fax or email your letter/work order and we?ll get right to work on the paperwork and put it on the run to be tested. Our goal is to test within 48 hours but if you have an emergency, call us right away. We?ll be happy to talk to the officials on your behalf.

Multiple buildings are our specialty. Let us help you keep track of what is due, when its due and who needs to know. We have national, state and local licenses to service all of our clients’ fire protection needs.

CFP keeps up to date on all fire and backflow local and national requirements. We will be happy to visit your location to provide you with a quote so we can get your system up code. We will survey your building to determine what fire safety systems are required by law and which would work best for you, including fire alarms, fire sprinklers, emergency lighting, backflow preventers, and much more. We are also happy to work with your employees and keep on top of your annual services and schedule on time.

The fire official will usually do a quick visual inspection of your building and review reports showing when the fire protection was last inspected. They will write up any discrepancies and a give you a date to have them repaired by. Our clients usually pass the inspection with flying colors, if not, fax (or email) the write-up and we?ll get right on it. Whether you need fire alarm testing, fire sprinkler design, emergency lighting maintenance, or a backflow inspection, one call to Contractor Fire Protection does it all.

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A backflow is a valve on your water line that makes sure any water that comes into your building won?t go back out into the public water system. They are most commonly found on your domestic (drinking) water line, your irrigation and your fire sprinkler line. A building could have one or many. They are also commonly found in dental offices, on X-ray machines and soda fountains.